This Hoover Washer Model Is A Practical Solution For Small Sized Households, It’S Compact Design Is Great For Smaller Moden Homes, This Machine Also Offers A Wide Range Of 15 Programs To Choose From The For Best Washing Results
No More Allergies: Protect Your Family Against Allergies With Allergy Safe Program, It Removes Allergens Like Dust Mites And Pet Dander Without Damaging Your Laundry
Too Much Foam In The Washing Machine Can Prevent The Clothes From Getting A Proper Clean, The Foam Protection System Makes Sure Those Bubbles Don’T Become An Issue
An Uneven Wash Can Cause Damage To Your Machine Drum. The Unbalanced Control System Smartly Re,Distributes The Contents Of The Drum To Ensure For An Even Wash And Damage Free Machine
Eco,Logic System: You Don’T Always Want To Wait For Enough Dirty Clothes To Do A Full Load Of Laundry, This System Detects When The Machine Is Loaded With A Half Load And Reduces Program Duration And The Amount Of Water Used To Save Energy.

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