milk frother Description:
? The electric drink mixer features strong power, high speed, The material is good, it is made of the best ABS black material and the best edible 304 stainless steel mini frother for coffee
frother Specification:
Name: milk frother
hand frother Power supply: 2 AA batteries (not included)
handheld milk frother Nominal voltage: 3V
coffee whisk Input power: 6W
coffee whisk frother Speed:8000RPM~12000RPM

Handheld Frother for coffee :It is made of black ABS and stainless steel blender, the style is the latest, and best performance. If you like drinking coffee, you can also make a good taste at home, the electric beverage blender is your best choose
Mini Mixer :This milk frother handheld is portable and can be used at home or at a gathering of friends to make friendships stronger.
Milk Frothers :The coffee mixer wand is easy to use, no matter if you are young or old, you can use it. If you don’t understand, you can check the box. Our outer packaging is also exquisite and beautiful. It can also be used as a gift for friends and lovers.
Drink Mixer :Small size and high power, the speed can reach more than 12000 rpm, which can make thick milk foam quickly and evenly. This model is powered by 2 AA batteries, The package does not contain batteries
Hand Held Frother Coffee Mixer :The coffee whisk frother is easy to clean, no need to disassemble, put the coffee foam maker head in water and start whisking to finish cleaning.

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